Call me nuha. By day, trash, by night,... also trash, only at night... I also doodle once every blue moon (the ele-fly's mine, btw).

Multifandom, but I reblog anything I like. No kidding. I.REBLOG.EVERYTHING.

Things I like:

 * DBSK - OT5er
 * Shim Changmin
 * Vocaloids
 * KagePro
 * Disney

Current affairs... (wut?) * Sailor Moon Crystal * Magic Kaito 1412 * HoriMiya * Otoyomegatari * GSNK

  P.S. I have too many OTPs to list 
down, but I guess it's pretty obvious 
         from the list above.
Posts I Like

"If The World" by Yamashizuku.

When Yamashizuku makes a themed album, Team OS should make a pv album… With all the songs… From this album… EVERYTHING. please *dying*

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